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CAD Infiltrates All Industries

CAD is an acronym for computer aided design. Depending on the industry, some refer to CAD as computer aided drafting or even computer aided design and drafting.
CAD applications have become ubiquitous in commerce. Everyone can throw away their one-dimensional drawing paper and replace it with CAD software. The benefits from CAD are the increased functionality and the superior level of design complexity that can be achieved.
If you are handy with CAD-type software but want to switch careers, the industries that utilize CAD are infinite. Here are just a few:
CAD software allows power companies to easily handle customer requests and the means to efficiently respond to outages. Water treatment facilities use CAD to combine design plans and GIS mapping data.
Most films are visually enhanced with CAD. High-end graphics are now easily accessible to all filmmakers. Television commercials can be quickly completed and put on the air with CAD tools.
Product Design and Manufacturing
It"s no longer necessary to make a new product prototype out of expensive components; designs can now be developed and modified with CAD, before producing a single piece of merchandise.
Some lucky K-12 students can use CAD software in science, technology, and engineering classes for special projects. Community colleges and universities use CAD in any design-related program.
Boat designers use CAD to develop new models and ensure compliance with codes. The same is true for auto manufacturers.
Commercial and Residential Property
Developers use CAD when putting together condominium and property proposals for approval by local city or township boards.
Professional drafters were the first widespread users of CAD systems as an occupational group. The key benefit is the ability to make modifications quickly and easily. The construction industry uses computer aided design software to make projects more efficient and to minimize safety errors.
CAD has revolutionized the furniture and fashion design process. As is true in other industries, CAD allows designers to create clothing or home goods and modify their models an infinite number of times without wasting materials.
If you really have a knack for CAD, consider creating your own software for an industry that has not yet been infiltrated by the technology. It seems there"s no end in sight for the future of computer design technology.

By Adam Herschkowitz
Get CAD Jobs, Contributing Editor

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